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It’s all about being where we are, which is Here, at this time, which is Now, and in This Moment! 

What is HereNow Home Services and myself, our customer and your home!

Hi! My name is Laura Hummel and I am the founder of HereNow Home Services, an organization that offers customer service like you never experienced before, service that empowers you, that comforts you, that makes you truly feel you matter and we care! 

So where does all my expertise come from...Easy...EXPERIENCE!

From the early age of 15 up until now, I worked for a few different companies in a few different industries. Each company had a service department, some had better then others, but customers were exceedingly dissapointed, going by the majority of the complaints. I would continue to work with a positive attitude, doing what I could to make things better for the customer. I would have idea after idea on how I could make changes, how I could develop and manage processes that would benefit the customer!

Customer Service-HereNow Delivery Services
Customer Support-HereNow Delivery Services

But unfotunately owners didn’t share this feeling I had, they were "ok" with keeping things the same. It didn’t matter what they had to say or do, as long as they were able to get more sales. And besides the fact of not being appreciated by companies for around-the-clock work, eating lunch & sometimes dinner at your desk, and answering phone calls & emails all hours of the night. I realized I had enough, the only way for people to know and feel true customer service was through me.

A wise woman once said, “A business doesn’t become successful because they have a magic product or a good sales team. A business becomes successful because there is an owner who is passionate, friendly, intelligent, but most of all customer driven.”

<------------------------------------------------------------​(the wise woman) 

Our Customer Service is not a department, it is our passion,
it is our responsibility, it is our profession!

My goal here was for you to be able to just get a glimpse of who I am, what I love and the passion and dedication I have for you, our client! Hopefully I achieved that today, even just a little bit, because then you will know just how much what I am about to tell you next means to us!

"In the end, if I intrigued and inspired you then I completed my goal for the day"

At HereNow Home Services we are committed to a positive, happy, and healthy enviorment as well as being spiritually balanced. For us it starts with ourselves, being an example of these simple principles.

Relax with HereNow Services

“I will not SUCCEED if my Customer Service is great, it needs to be LEGENDARY!”

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